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Business Careers Top the List

    2015 looks to be a good year for new college graduates, with business being the number one most sought-after major (38%).  This according to a survey from CareerBuilder (  Other in-demand majors include computer and information sciences (27%), engineering (18%), math and statistics (14%), and health professions (14%).

    Specific positions that hiring managers are looking to fill include:

    • Information technology (30%)
    • Customer service (28%)
    • Finance/Accounting (22%)
    • Sales (21%)
    • Business development (19%)

    Although the employment statistics bode well for those of us teaching business administration programs in entrepreneurship, finance, management/administration, and marketing, employers are critical of the preparation students receive in their college programs.  Some 46% believe there is too much emphasis on book learning versus real-world learning.  (This, of course, is an area of strength for business administration programs based on industry-validated standards.)  Hiring managers identified a laundry list of skills they’d like to see better developed in their job candidates, including:

    • Interpersonal skills (52%)*
    • Problem-solving (46%)*
    • Oral communication (41%)
    • Leadership (40%)*
    • Written communication (38%)


    Other areas of interest included:  teamwork*, creative thinking*, project management^, research and analysis, math, and computer/technical skills.

    *Check out our new leadership course and leadership modules available free!

    ^Watch for the release of new projects now being pilot tested on behalf of the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation.  Following revisions and updates next spring, we expect projects to be available at no cost for business administration programs in finance, management, and marketing.

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