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2019 Conclave, Louisville - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • Conclave is the one place I can connect with colleagues and state administrators which represent all areas within Business Administration programs whether it be marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or business through common meetings where everyone is at the table at the same time sharing and discussing trends, issues and solutions for our discipline.
  • This was a great conference geared toward marketing a business teachers. It was well organized and is definitely worth the time and money spent to go. I cant wait to implement some of what I learned in my classroom. Joy Gornto
  • The MBA Conclave is the most professional conference I have attended as a ten year school teacher. The speakers bring relevant material that can be used within the class or district.
  • I have always been impressed with this event. The importance of preparing students in CTE though business education is the focus. Business professional are brought in as well as expert teachers and facilitators.
  • The MBA Conclave is a great opportunity for quality Professional Development, as well as an opportunity to establish or strengthen professional rapport with other attendees. Organizers of this event did an outstanding job with planning relevant sessions and acquiring fabulous speakers. I must say that every aspect of the 2019 MBA Conclave delivered a first-class experience. Thank You
  • Excellent training and resources! Glad I was able to attend. Louisville had a lot to offer outside of training as well. Hotel was beautiful and very convenient to activities.
  • Conclave was a wonderful experience. I made great connections and found wonderful resources. Mary Callahan, CT
  • The details and information I learned at Conclave 2019 marries well with our school's AVID program. Specifically, I learned a concept called "Critical Friends", which was provided in a quick-stop session. It aligns with the "W" and "I" in the AVID WICOR strategy. More specifically it is a way to engage students and their peers in providing feedback and uncovering one's understanding. I find this to be invaluable and I've already used it on my first day back from the conference.
  • In my 25 years of teaching and attending professional development opportunities Conclave continues to be the premier conference for business educators
  • Excellent opportunity for networking and learning about all the new trends across the nation from an industry perspective with an educational mindset.
  • Conclave is an awesome conference. I love the opportunity to come to a different city every year and all the resources are priceless.
  • This was the best professional development for Business, Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship teachers. The sessions are focused on your content areas and the sessions are taught by both experts in the field as well as teachers who are in the trenches. The shared ideas, strategies and tips that you take away are priceless. I’m looking forward to the next Conclave.
  • Conclave is a great experience for educators. You have a chance to network and bring back lots of new materials for your classroom. Janet Butler NE
  • This is the best conference I have been to for Business and Marketing Education. The information from all of the industry professionals and fellow teachers is something that I am excited to bring back to my district and implement in my classroom. Holly Boisjolie, Minnesota 
  • MBA Research curriculum is leading edge, with their dedication to staying current with business, industry, cultural and educational trends.
  • The information I learned was amazing. To learn what other states are doing and knowing that I'm implementing a lot of those concepts in my room provides the validation I need to know I'm providing my students a quality education as well as the opportunity to incorporate new and innovative ideas.
  • The speakers were phenomenal! I learned a lot of new resources to take back to the classroom!

2018 Conclave, Kansas City - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • Such friendly people providing extremely immediately useful ideas.
  • Thank you so much for a great experience. It was well worth my time. I felt refreshed and inspired - ready to take on engaging new ideas and technology in my classroom.
  • When it seems like we are tied down with data, SLOs, and testing, MBA Conclave refreshes my teaching spirit - giving me great and easy to implement take-a-aways. I come back to my classroom ready to share industry knowledge and try new instructional tools. - Vallie Robeson, Ohio
  • Quality conference packed into 4 short days for business teachers. Excellent opportunity to network with peers teaching in the same discipline area. Great opportunity for industry related tours and engaging keynote speakers. -Andrea Long, Oklahoma
  • Conclave offers data driven solutions to our everyday problems as high school teachers. MBA Research allows me to stay relevant while not actually being out there in the business world.
  • This is a great conference for networking, learning, and being able to implement great resources back into my classroom!
  • Conclave provides an opportunity for quality professional development that is relevant and challenges us to improve our practices. -Carrie DeMuth, Oklahoma
  • MBA Conclave was a fabulous experience. If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend you going. It was very informative with curriculum content, business tours and the guest speakers were absolutely amazing! Danyelle Hillman - Alabama
  • Conclave was the perfect networking opportunity for marketing teachers.
  • This was my first time attending Conclave. It was a great experience. The workshops and speakers provided quality information and ideas that could be brought back to my classroom to enhance and update my business curriculum.
  • This is the best place for state and district leaders to network with their peers and learn from others what is happening nationally and how other states are approaching key work.
  • Conclave is the best learning conference I have been to. Every session pertained to what I do and I learned so much. The speakers were outstanding and everything was well planned out. Katrina McDowell, Oklahoma
  • Excellent presenters with great ideas to use in the classroom. Excellent Entrepreneurial guest speakers. This was an opportunity to make new friends in the business education industry. I will definitely attend next year in Louisville, KY.
  • This professional development event was outstanding. You can tell that Brenda has a love for the art of teaching. It shows through in how she facilitated the consortium rep meetings but also in the quality of sessions that were offered for teachers. Looking forward to next year!
  • MBA Conclave was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. I highly recommend it to anyone and I'm pretty sure we plan to come back next year and try to bring as many participants with us as we can. Sarah Dennison, West Virginia
  • Conclave delivered relevant and interesting tours, keynote speakers and sessions! The sessions rejuvenated my instructional/DECA advisor spirit, peaked my curiosity, encouraged me to assess my current practices and learn about new strategies and technology. It was truly a wonderful conference!
  • The 2018 Conclave in KC is by far the best conference for Marketing teachers that I have ever attended. I came away with so many ideas that I have already shared and implemented in my classes and it has only been three days since the end of the conference. Since I teach near Kansas City it was great to hear from local companies that will connect with my students.
  • Conclave offered so many great ideas that I can easily bring into my classroom. The speakers were came from different backgrounds/businesses so it offered a diversity that I have not experienced at any conference. Baseball, race tracks, coffee, candles, livestock showing--can you get any more diverse?!
  • Honestly, this is an awesome opportunity for CTE instructors to gain access to a variety of resources to utilize and implement into lessons immediately!
  • MBA Research is one of the best conferences for Business and Marketing educators. I recommend this conference to all of my business and marketing teachers. There is a variety of sessions that everyone will receive something that they can use in their classroom. MBA Research is starting to focus on Middle School and the sessions were top notch! It is small enough that teachers can network with each other from different states. This conference never disappoints.

2017 Conclave, Vancouver - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • "A great business education conference. The content shared benefits the areas that are taught in our business courses. Collaboration was always encouraged and embraced throughout each workshop I was a part of." -Sydney Kobza, Business, Marketing and Management Career Field Specialist Nebraska Department of Education.
  • "I left the Conclave inspired to teach again!!" -Christie Woods, Kansas
  • "This conference will meet all your business/marketing professional development needs! Information and activities that you can take immediately back to the classroom and implement!" -Terry Ertman, NV
  • Conclave has been so beneficial for me both as a teacher and as a state administrator. It is a gathering of the the best in our profession and we are given the opportunity to learn from each other. It is awesome to be with a group that all have the same common goal to provide the best in business and marketing education."
  • "Conclave is one of the most organized and informative conferences I have the opportunity of attending annually in my position as Business & Marketing Program Supervisor."
  • "MBA Conclave was a great opportunity to discuss what is happening across the nation in business and marketing education!" -Marcia Pedersen, WA
  • "Great opportunity to meet teachers from around the country and their best practices!"
  • "As a first-time attendee of the MBA Research Conclave, I was very pleased with the quality of breakout sessions that related directly to my teaching area. In addition, I learned about the resources available through the MBA Research website and had opportunities to access those resources with the help of MBA Research staff." - Andrea Long, Oklahoma
  • "Learning what is best for students in the world of work is the best learning an educator can take away from Conclave!"
  • "While many claim to have an outstanding conference the MBA Conclave truly was planned with the participant in mind. From opening to closing all presentations were focused on ways to improve my experiences as an educator."
  • "Conclave is the best professional development you can do for yourself. It's like an infomercial - you keep getting more and more for the same registration price."
  • "Thank you for the opportunity to learn and share with other professionals!"
  • "THIS was unlike any other marketing & business conference I've EVER attended. As a Plan 2 Marketing teacher coming from industry to the classroom, it was a refreshing reminder of the evolving world that awaits us each day & that we need professional development to help us reach our goals."
  • "MBA Conclave changed my life. The Keynote speakers and sessions were wonderful and they have given me extensive tools and insights that will be with me for the rest of my life no matter which careers or experiences I will pursue. I now believe that I can truly make a difference in the world." -Amelia Barbre-Strayer
  • "Hands down, this is the best conference I have ever attended. I came home energized, overflowing with ideas, and anxious to share my learning and experiences with others!"
  • "DON'T GO TO THIS CONFERENCE....unless you want your teachers to be the most effective teachers in the classroom. Learn the best techniques, what's trending, and ways to yield the highest level of results from students." -Kathy Frommer, Arizona State DECA Advisor
  • "The size of the conference was great and the sessions were amazing."
  • "MBA Conclave 2017 in Vancouver, WA was a great professional development activity; I would absolutely attend it again. I learned things that will make me a better teacher and gained valuable tools that will enhance my students' experiences in my classes. It was nice to be treated as a professional and to travel without students for a change! I came back refreshed and ready to implement new ideas with my high school classes."
  • "I loved this years Conclave, I have learned many new things that I can immediately add to my teaching toolbox."
  • "I can always count on MBA to deliver quality speakers and professional development opportunities at the National Conclave. This conference is one of best for business and marketing educators."
  • "MBA Conclave provides actionable professional development in a positive, engaging environment!" -Lisa Whitling, Prairie High School (WA)
  • "I really loved all the sessions I went to! They were very helpful and beneficial to me!"

2016 Conclave, Mobile - Conference Evaluation Comments

  • Sessions were very real world and I am able to use the information gathered tomorrow!
  • Seemed to run seamlessly.
  • Loved the new online program - made it easier to choose and evaluate the sessions that best fit my needs
  • Found ways through presentations to better my classes
  • MBA Conclave is an exceptional professional development opportunity for high school and CTE business and marketing teachers! An enormous wealth of practical, usable course content and teacher applications are offered by both educational and industry leaders from across the US. The networking opportunities alone are invaluable. It is very encouraging and informative to be able to dialog about what is happening in classrooms like mine across the country! I appreciate MBA Research and the industry fed curriculum and great customer support they offer! Thanks for hosting this amazing conference!
  • Conclave is a premier event that brings business, industry and education together. It allows collaboration that makes education relevant for students.
  • The only conference focused on Business Administration programs and features sessions from businesses in area. Hearing directly from business professionals about what is happening across the country is crucial to our profession.
  • Conclave is a very valuable and practical conference for business and marketing teachers as well as instructional leaders in this area. Every time I attend this conference I walk away with great resources for the classroom and CTSO! The materials within this organization and their curriculum would take any teacher in business and marketing to the next level!!! -Carol Von Tersch (IA)

2014 Conclave, Cincinnati

Click here for teacher and student endorsement videos. 

Update for Virtual Conference!

Share your ideas at the 2020 MBA Conclave Virtual Experience! 
You are invited to submit a presentation proposal for this year's online conference. Choose from these topics of interest designed to fit the needs of secondary and post-secondary business and marketing instructors, CTE administrators, and state administrators:

  • Teacher-to-Teacher Classroom Strategies
  • The Power of Technology
  • Growing Your Program
  • Using MBA Research's Resources

Submission deadline is August 31. 

MBA Conclave is the premier gathering for Business, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Management Educators! The goal of Conclave is to provide teachers and administrators with a comprehensive overview of contemporary curricula, pedagogy, and program development strategies, including dialogue with leading educators and industry executives.

We will consider all high-quality proposals, but there are four focus areas for sessions this year – designed to fit the needs of secondary and postsecondary business and marketing instructors, CTE administrators, and state administrators. The focus areas, along with areas of interest are:

Teacher-to-Teacher Classroom Strategies
Credentialing • E-Learning • Flipped Classroom • Integration of Soft Skills • Mentoring • Project Management • Project-Based Learning (PBL) • Student engagement • Work-Based Learning (WBL) • Strategies that work in middle school classrooms

The Power of Technology
Digital marketing • Social media • Integration of 21st Century Skills • There’s an app for that • Technology that works in middle school classrooms

Growing Your Program
Communication strategies • Unique partnerships between secondary/postsecondary/business and industry • Use of data for program management and improvement • Credentialing • Creating an Action Plan

Using MBA Research’s Resources
Understanding the National Standards • MBA Learning Center • High School of Business • Developing a Course through Curriculum Builder • Ethics in the Classroom • Understanding a LAP • Best Practices for LAPS • Understanding ASK Exams

Types of Sessions/Travel Stipend
There are several different types of sessions and each offers a stipend to help cover part of your cost of participating. Stipends are available only to individuals registered for the conference and registered at the conference hotel (local presenters excepted).  You may earn stipends for up to three different activities.


  • 2 1/2-hour hands-on workshops ($250*♦) 
  • 6-hour hands-on workshop ($400♦)
  • Concurrent 45-minute sessions ($100*♦)
  • QuickStop 20-minute show and tell ($50*♦)
  • DeepThink Roundtable (90-minute) facilitator/presenter ($150*♦) 

*For repeated sessions (same topic), the stipend is 50%
♦Stipend excluded for those attending Conclave through MBA Research funding

Call for Proposal Instructions
You must submit your proposal using the link below. The person submitting the form will be the contact for all presenters of the session. Educational presenters must be registered for Conclave. If you have specific questions regarding your presentation, please contact Tammy Cyrus, Director of Professional Development at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for proposal submissions is Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Don't need transcribed, university academic credits, but want documentation to meet continuing education requirements? All Conclave registrants will receive documentation of participation INCLUDING documentation of specific sessions attended. It's free, but here's the catch: We can document your participation only if you submit the appropriate survey for each session. Here's how it works: 

  • Attend session at Conclave (and be sure to remember its name).
  • On the electronic program (app), under each session's description, there will be a link to the survey for that session.
  • Click on that link to open the survey.
  • Complete survey and click "Done."
  • On the next page, you will receive a confirmation that your survey was submitted and a code for that session.
  • Click the link provided in your confirmation and enter your code (one code per session).
  • Be sure to use the same email address for each code that you enter. Your CEU confirmations will be emailed to you at that address. **CEUs are organized by email address in our system, so using multiple email addresses will cause you to have multiple entries in our database with difference CEU credits in each. 

The Premier Gathering for Business, Marketing, Finance, Management, and Entrepreneurship Educators 

MBA Research Conclave provides you with the opportunity to interact with  business and marketing teacher leaders, state supervisors, and others interested in teaching business and marketing education at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

Each year, some of the best and brightest teachers and administrators nationwide attend Conclave. While it is a smaller conference, you will have the chance to impact approximately 200 decision makers from across the country— state and local supervisors who influence purchasing, and business and marketing teachers who make purchasing decisions for their local programs.

Many sponsorship opportunities are available. 

  • 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus
  • Contact Tammy Cyrus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 614-486-6708 ext 401 for information.


State supervisors (30+ states annually) and lead teachers of business and marketing: 

  • 150+ teachers who are engaged at the state and national levels
  • Majority are CTSO Advisors
    • BPA
    • FBLA
    • DECA
  • Thought-leaders and trendsetters from 35–40 states 
  • Attendance averages 200



Kimberly Payne, Duluth Trading Co.
Culture and Comfort in the Workplace: How happy employees can affect the bottom line

Nikki (Jackson) Lanier, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Leading in Spite of: Honoring your Leadership Lens

Scot Duval, International Trademark Association (INTA)
Trademarks, Brands, and Intellectual Property: Protecting the "Real Deal" in a Counterfeit World

Stacey Yates, Louisville Tourism
The Making of Bourbon Country

Holly Atha and Rick Mangini, MBA Research
Business Trends Across America

Donald Lassere, Muhammad Ali Center
Be Great: Do Great Things—Living the Legacy of Muhammad Ali

Adam Lukoskie, National Retail Federation (NRF)
The Power of Retail: Building Skills and Careers


Featured Session, Saturday
Donna Deeds, Kauffman Foundation
The Two Cups of Coffee Challenge: Building Bridges with Business and Industry

Featured Session, Sunday
Danny O'Neill, The Roasterie
Growing Globally, Roasting Locally: Reflections of Bean Baron

Closing Session
Steve Weaver, The Candle Lab
The New Age of Business Is Now

Kristie Larson and Tami Parr, American Royal
Mission Awareness Through Branding

Charles King, Evergy
Handle with Care: Customer Service in the Age of Data Breaches

Heather Miller and Erica Hart, EVERFI
Breaking Barriers for your Students through Financial Education
“Teacher, how do I become a...?” Inspire your students to pursue STEM and entrepreneurship careers
Quick Start Quide
All Course One-Pager

McKenzie Humann, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
The Federal Reserve Tour

Daniel Mack and John Williams, Kansas City Royals
The Result Is Worth Rooting For, But N!=1 (a.k.a. Can We Please Run it Twice?)

Ryan Hogue, Kansas Speedway
Marketing at 200 MPH!!

Breeze Richardson, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Marketing Communications: Fifty Ways to Tell Your Story
Presentation Notes

Visit State's Connection for more Conclave speaker materials, including educator presentations.

DECA AMPED will be held as part of MBA Conclave Curriculum & Teaching Conference this year! 
The experience will bring together the best of both conferences in one virtual experience.  

This gives you access to high-quality business and industry speakers, workshops by exemplary teachers, exhibits, industry tours, opportunities to collaborate with business and marketing teachers and the ability to attend The Celebration! social event. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to attend DECA-centric workshops and quick stops focused on competitive events, chapter strategy, project-based learning, school-based enterprises and more! 

Attendees of both conferences will leave inspired with forward-thinking strategies and ready-to-use ideas. Connect with some of the most innovative business and marketing teachers and DECA advisors, creating an informal cadre to collaborate with throughout the year. 

DECA AMPED attendees register as part of Conclave. (One registration, two conferences!)