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Here's what we've heard about our Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Millennial Student workshop:

Evaluation of the facilitator, Brenda Clark:
Scores are on a 1-6 scale, 6 is highest score

1 Facilitator preparation 5.9 5.7  5.8  5.3  6.0  5.7 5.8  5.5  5.6  5.8  5.5  5.3


2 Overall organization of workshop 5.7  5.6  5.6  5.1  6.0  5.5  5.6  5.3  5.6  5.8  5.4  4.8  5.3  5.7
3 Learning outcomes 5.4  5.2  5.0  5.3  5.8  5.3  5.6  5.5  5.8  5.8  5.3  4.8  5.0  5.6
4 Facilitator understanding of content 5.9  5.8  5.9  5.8  6.0  5.9  6.0  5.3  6.0  5.9  5.9  5.9  5.7  5.9
5 Slides, handouts, etc. 5.8  5.8  5.7  5.2  5.8  5.5  5.6  5.2  5.6  5.9  5.8  5.3  5.2  5.8
6 Contribution to my teaching 5.6  5.2  5.4  5.4  5.8  5.3  5.8  5.2  5.0


 4.8  4.6  5.2  5.4
7 Facilitator's presentation skills 5.9  5.6  5.8  5.5  6.0  5.8  5.6  5.3  6.0  6.0  5.7  5.6  5.4  5.8
8 Facility (room, etc.) 4.9  5.2  5.1  4.4  5.6  4.2  5.6  5.2  6.0  5.8  5.4  5.2  4.8  5.8
9 Advance information 5.3  5.0  5.0  4.1  5.9  4.3  5.1  5.0  4.8  5.3  5.1  4.3  5.1  5.3
10 Overall value re to my time and costs 5.6  5.1  5.5  5.6  6.0  5.4  5.8  5.3  5.6  5.8  5.3  4.7  5.1  5.7

Austin, TX; Orlando, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Eugene, OR; New Orleans, LA; Providence, RI; Madison, WI; Dallas, TX; Columbus, OH; Vancouver, WA; Washington DC; Charleston, WV; State College, PA, Columbia MO

Very Informative, useful, great teaching tool!
Cathy Dailey, MO

Extremely beneficial to my students and future students.
Andrew Reynolds, MO

This material is invaluable - can't wait to start using
Brenda Kaiser, MO

Great overview of MBA Materials.  Loved the bread down of how to read MBA Curriculum.
Columbia, MO

Big help in learning more about the MBA site even though I have been using it for several years.
Columbia, MO

Looks to be the way of the future.
Columbia, MO

I felt that Brenda is very knowledgeable on this topic.  She has given me a ton of ideas that I can experiment with that will make learning more fun for me and my students.
Columbia, MO

Worth the time, networking and sharing
Gwen Swanson, MO

Well worth my time!  Thank you!
State College, PA

Great for me being "newer" to business ed.
State College, PA

Extremely well organized and informative
State College, PA

Relevent material and information I will use in the classroom!
State College, PA

Excellent presenter – funny, knowledgeable, engaging, patient.
Charleston, WV

The MBA Learning Center definitely expands ideas and resources for the classroom.  Parts of the lessons can be used in a flipped classroom environment.  The LAPs are outstanding.
Charleston, WV

Excellent, well-prepared.
Charleston, WV

Awesome to share with us (referring to slides, handouts and other materials).  Will help me prepare for teaching.
Washington DC

I would have liked to know upfront it involved curriculum for sale.
Washington DC

Outstanding content and tools to use right now!  Thank you!
Ed Hehdi, WA

Working hands-on with the Program of Study Resoucr Kit and Course Guides was so valuable - thank you!
Margaret Novy, WA

Provides me with comback to AP parents.  Waited years to attend - all expectations were met!  Thank you!
Anonymous, WA

This workshop was an amazing help in restructuring my program!
Jolyn Collie, WA

Great Workshop!  Very informative!
Sharon Gore, OH

Very beneficial and concise.
Jennifer Walker, OH

Very organized.  Terrific information.  Helped me as a CTE Leader and Instructor
Karen Powers, TX; October 2011

Gave us a peek into Business/Marketing's future!
Dr. James Walker Todd, TX; October, 2011

Tons of information and all related to what I needed.
Phil Huff, WI, 2011

This has allowed me to jump into curriculum planning more positively and more prepared.
Shawn Umland, WI, 2011

ALL marketing education should go through this workshop so we are all on the same page – or at least as the same starting point.
John Smith, WI, 2011

Great job!
WI, 2011

Everything was so extremely useful and well-presented, it could possibly be extended…  Real information, presented by a real teacher that faces acknowledges, and deals with the same problems I do.  Outstanding.
David Rippl, WI, 2011

Allows me to keep up with the changes to education and more specifically within my own area.
Rhonda Nachtiqall, WI, 2011

Great job!  Great to hear from the “expert.”  Validates everything.  For BM & IT teachers to hear about standards and instructional delivery from B. Clark packed a punch and truly had a positive impact on moving our profession forward.
Sara Baird, WI, 2011

Excellent opportunity to get resources and ideas to teach marketing. Excellent.
WI, 2011

Great workshop!  I learned more about curriculum/performance indicators, etc. in two days than I have from my district.
WI, 2011

Highly recommended this workshop to new and seasoned educators.
Skip Hay, WI, 2011

The Google/Desk drop box demo was very good.  As a new teacher, this course informed me of useful content, links, and resources to help build my practice.  It provided some relieve; there’s actually a wealth of materials out there!  Thank you.
RI; May, 2011

Good job Brenda.  I valued this experience and recommend it to teachers.
RI; May, 2011

Well worth the time.  Learned much on curriculum and what aligns.
RI; May, 2011

You will leave this workshop with a lot of new ideas and resources.
RI; May, 2011

Wonderful materials.
--Claudette Tolbert, LA; April, 2011

Like always, MBA Research delivers great information and resources to keep a teacher going.
LA; April, 2011

Great workshop!
--Debra Wilson, LA; April, 2011

It was very informative.
LA; April, 2011

I use the LAPs in my marketing program. My students learn a great deal and it makes my planning much easier and less time consuming!
--Pat Horton, OR; April, 2011

A must-attend workshop for all business and marketing teachers.
--Daniel Thompson, OR; April, 2011

Thank you for coming to Oregon.
--Ann, OR;  April, 2011

Pleased overall.  Well worth your time.
--Darrell Goad, OR;  April, 2011

Good information.  More high school oriented than I thought it would be.
OR; April, 2011

Brenda presents this information in a way that’s easy to follow and stay interested.
--Terry Ertman, NV; March, 2011

This was not a waste of time – well worth it.
NV; March, 2011

Have teachers do an action plan to wrap up – i.e., next steps.
NV; March, 2011

Organized, productive, efficient, and valuable.
--Matt MacKay, NV; March, 2011

Well designed; great program for course building.
--Tony Macaluso, NV; March, 2011

Great workshop.  Super facilitator could answer all questions and had great suggestions.  Very nice facility and great cookies. Thanks so much.
--Sally Rasmussen, NV; March, 2011

Need more time in the LAPs, but was glad we covered the topic.
NV; March, 2011

I thought everything was very helpful. The MBA workshop was full of interesting and relevant information that will help me be a better teacher.
--Cindy McLeod, NV; March, 2011

This workshop not only gave a very good review of standards and structure, but also gave a number of ideas that could be used going forward.
--Hugh Moore, FL; January, 2011

The workshop pulled together the tiers, clusters, and pathways that made it logical and easy to understand.
--Lynore Levenhagen, FL; January, 2011

Fantastic!  I am so excited.  I now have new ideas and facts to help me sell my administration on building my program.
--Christine P. Slaughter, FL; January, 2011

Connecting national standards to state standards and practices was great!
--Pierre Uteschill, FL; January, 2011

I enjoyed the small group.  Presenter was outstanding.
--Sharon Saenz, TX; January, 2011

Enjoyed the workshop!!! The MBAResearch workshop is a good opportunity to network with CTE teachers with a wide range of experience and great ideas.
--Lisa Morales, TX; January, 2011

MBAResearch is a win/win.  Use to prepare for competitions and for A*S*K certification.
--Linda Rodgers, TX; January, 2011

Great networking opportunity.  Good information and new ways to use it.
--LeAnn Dinsdale, TX; January, 2011

Brenda was great!  She’s very knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator.
--Abby Siedenstrang, TX; January, 2011


Many of our professional development opportunities offer academic credits or documentation for continuing education.  Conclave offers both.  For most one-time webinars we do not automatically issue documentation.  However, if you need documentation of participation for your own purposes, don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re happy to help.

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MBA Research offers a variety of workshops, webinars, conference presentations, and other professional development activities.  Along with our full-time R&D staff, our adjunct PD Team brings recent, real-world experience.  Each is highly qualified in terms of experience with MBA Research research, products, and services, and has demonstrated high levels of achievement with their own local programs.  All have taught and mentored a wide range of business and marketing students and all have been active in both their student organizations (BPA, DECA, and FBLA) and their professional associations, including ACTE and NBEA.  

For additional information on workshop and other professional development opportunities offered by MBA Research, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet our PD Team:


From North Carolina…

Michelle Bardsley is a career and technical education (CTE), business, finance, IT, and marketing educator with Wake County Schools, North Carolina. For eight years, Michelle has successfully implemented MBA Research materials and strategies into classroom instruction. She is a lead teacher in North Carolina Public Schools (face-to-face and online classrooms) who implements technology, effective instructional strategies, project-based learning, and real-world experiences to motivate students toward strong academic success. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration-finance from Old Dominion University. She serves on her school's Instructional Leadership (ILT) and SREB teams, and is an FBLA Advisor and Microsoft Innovative Educator. She holds certifications in Word, PowerPoint, and A*S*K Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Michelle has presented at numerous NC CTE conferences, managed FBLA conferences, and directed a summer STEM camp. She has a passion to encourage educators, equip her students with 21st century career skills, and build solid relationships with local community stakeholders.


Tammy Cyrus is the Director of Professional Development for MBA Research. She has been a part of the MBA Professional Development Team since 2014 and has presented at numerous state and national conferences. She was a previous Business Administration teacher in North Carolina.  She has received her Master of Arts in Business Education, National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certification and holds a certification in School Administration, as well as industry recognized certifications in Adobe and Microsoft Office.  Her professional experiences have included teaching at the post-secondary level, working on curriculum development at the state level, serving in leadership roles at the district and school levels, and serving as an adviser for FBLA. She is currently responsible for the PD Team, Teacher Advisory Network, Conclave, Leadership Forum and the ongoing development of professional development for teachers, districts, and state departments from around the country.



From West Virginia…

Adam Feazell is in his eighth year of teaching in Putnam County, WV. He started his career as a technology integration specialist in the elementary and middle grade levels, then spent the next 4 years as a business education and special education teacher. The past two years he has worked as a business/marketing education teacher. Adam attended WVU Institute of Technology’s Community College where he received his AS in Accounting, and then attended Marshall University to earn a BS in Business Education. He obtained an MA in Multi-Category Special Education and an MA in Leadership Studies. When he started teaching, Adam served as a school advisor for both FLBA and DECA. This is Adam’s second year as the West Virginia DECA’s Chartered Association Advisor. 




From Michigan…

Kim Guest is currently a coordinator for online education experiences as well as an instructor for Risk Management and Insurance at Genesee Career Institute in Flint, Michigan. She previously taught business, marketing, and finance at Kearsley High School where she was the DECA advisor. Kim has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Administration with a concentration in CTE along with a Master’s Degree in Education Technology. She has served on the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) Board and Michigan DECA Advisory Board. She was also a teacher leader for the Economics in Marketing initiative in the state. She has worked on various curriculum alignment projects and co-chaired the Michigan Summer Marketing Academy sponsored by MME for several years. Kim has presented at numerous state and national conferences, most recently at Conclave.



Jennifer Milke is a Marketing, Small Business, and Personal Finance teacher, as well as a DECA advisor at Henry Ford II High School in Sterling Heights, MI. Jennifer received her BS in secondary education from Central Michigan University and is vocationally certified in marketing and business. She received her Master’s in public administration with an emphasis in educational administration at the University of Michigan Flint. She became an International DECA Certified Trainer in 2012 and trained teachers at the the state and regional levels. She has been on the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) Board since 2009, and served as the president and secretary. In 2010, Jennifer received the Dr. Jack T. Humbert New Professional of the Year Award. She was selected as a lead teacher for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Marketing in Economics Curriculum Integration Grant administered through Berrien RESA. Her leadership resulted in the development of 45 lesson plans aligned to the State’s economics standards allowing teachers to grant state graduation credit through State Approved Marketing Education Programs.


From Kentucky…

Will Morgan is a national instructor for the High School of Business program and a retired Army Warrant Officer who specialized in budget management and managed a culturally diverse workforce of military and civilian employees. After the Army, Will worked in manufacturing, specializing in supply chain management, special projects operations, budget management and staffing large complex departments. Will later entered the world of academia as an instructor at Eastern High School (KY) and a part-time facilitator with University of Phoenix. Will has instructed courses ranging from web design, German language, critical thinking, finance and marketing, to action research. Will utilizes his educational background which includes a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral work in management, seeking personal and professional improvement while sharing with others. 



From Idaho…

Tami Perez is currently an online business and marketing teacher for Idaho Technical Career Academy in Meridian, Idaho and an adjunct professor at College of Southern Idaho. Tami earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from Idaho State University and a Master of Education from the University of Idaho. The first 10 years of her career was in payroll and human resources for Idaho school districts. This is her 10th year in the classroom. Tami was the first High School of Business site in Idaho and spent six years at a project-based learning New Tech Network high school. She shares her love of PBL by training new teachers. Tami is currently an advisor for Business Professionals of America (BPA).




From Ohio…

Nadine Scott is a Marketing Instructor and DECA Advisor for the Penta Career Center at Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, Ohio. Over the past twenty years, she has taught several courses and is currently teaching Digital Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Marketing Applications and Strategic Entrepreneurship. Mrs. Scott holds two bachelor’s degrees from Bowling Green State University in business and secondary education. She received her Master’s degree in business administration from Ashland University. Her work experience also includes eleven years in the financial services industry and teaching at a local community college. Nadine’s leadership roles include Ohio Marketing Education Association executive board where she has held the titles of membership chair and president. For the past ten years, Nadine has been a co-chair for DECA District 2 and has been instrumental in organizing several DECA events. She has also been a member of the MBA Research Teacher Advisory Network since July 2014. She has been a top-ten honored educator for Ottawa County on three separate occasions. In 2012, she received the Ohio ACTE Outstanding CTE Professional in Community Service. 

From Tennessee…

Dr. Ann Stewart spent 25 years in the business world before turning her attention to education. As a marketing and entrepreneurship teacher, Ann facilitated the development and opening of the first full service in-school coffee shop in the district and the first high school business to have full membership in the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. As the CTE Department Chair at Stewarts Creek High School, she is the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center for the school, a four-year entrepreneurship curriculum for non-marketing students. Ann has also been a DECA advisor for 15 years. She has had many students place in the Top 10 and Top 20 at DECA's International Career Development Conferences (ICDC), and has even had 1st - 3rd place winners. Ann received her doctorate from Tennessee State University in 2013 with a dissertation entitled A Mixed Methods Study of Service Learning in a Public High School

Thanks to all who participated in this year's Leadership Forum! Click here for the 2019 Leadership Forum recap video on our YouTube channel. 

The third MBA Leadership Forum will be held in Columbus, OH on January 25 – 28, 2019. This event is intended to:

  • Support local/state initiatives to develop a strong in-state leadership network that will foster the growth and development of business administration education in entrepreneurship, finance, management/administration, and marketing.
  • Nurture a better understanding of, and encourage the integration of, national business-validated standards research by MBA Research into local and state curricula
  • Encourage active engagement of the business community to encourage advocacy and partnering initiatives leading to the next generation of business leaders.
  • Further greater understanding of, and encourage local implementation of various initiatives, tools, and services of the MBA Research Consortium of states.
  • Encourage local/state networking, professional development, and leadership activities to support the growth and development of secondary business administration education, including enhanced secondary/college partnerships.


Working sessions to share issues, ideas, rationale, and strategies for:

  • Building exemplary CTE business and marketing education programs appropriate to the contemporary education environment through curricula, pedagogy, and proof of learning.
  • Aligning the work of the Consortium to meet the needs of both local and state Career-Tech business and marketing educators through review and analysis of the tools, services, and initiatives of the organization.
  • Planning in support of local/state leadership to generate advocacy and partnerships among various constituencies, including the business community, colleges, and administrators
  • Development of state action plans responsive to the outcomes and common agreements of the Forum

Click here for the 2019 Leadership Forum Agenda. 

Who should attend?

The MBA Leadership Forum is open to to state leaders and secondary educators with a documented leadership role supporting the growth and development of business and marketing education, including leadership roles in administration, relevant professional organizations, relevant student organizations, or relevant research, curriculum, or instructional design.  State leaders are encouraged to field, at minimum, a team to include at least one state program leader and two high school business/marketing teachers from different career clusters.  Additionally state program leaders may want to consider bringing:

  • Additional state program leaders
  • Local CTE directors with business/marketing responsibilities
  • Principals, assistant principals, or other administrators with supervisory responsibility for business/marketing programs
  • Additional high school business/marketing teachers interested in core business administration subjects (i.e., not solely focused on technology) with appropriate leadership experience either locally or statewide
  • Curriculum specialists
  • State business/marketing professional associations, including ACTE affiliates
  • State student organization board members 

College educators, including faculty or administrators who prepare future business/marketing teachers or who are are interested in growing a national standards-based partnership with secondary programs.  Likely participants:

  • Teacher educators
  • Deans or other administrators
  • Business administration faculty
  • Recruiting/Marketing personnel within business colleges
  • High School of Business™ college partners 

Application, Fees, and Registration


Applications will be reviewed and approved in the order received.  Applicants must document:

  1. Professional standing consistent with the examples above; include documentation of position or description of current or prior leadership role(s).
  2. Support of approving administrator (i.e., permission and funding to attend).
  3. Payment in full of registration fee (refundable without penalty until DEC 31; a 25% cancellation fee will be applied through January 10; 50% through January 17; no refunds after January 18).
  4. Agreement to participate actively in advance activities, including 8 - 10 hours of reading, interviews, webinars, or other activities to ensure rich dialogue on site.
  5. Agreement to participate fully in the entire Forum, arriving for the opening session and departing after the closing session.

Registration fee:  $495 (Member: $395), includes continental breakfast, Saturday lunch, reception, and all collateral materials. 


MBA Research 
1375 King Ave
Columbus, OH  43212
(800) 448-0398 

“The Leadership Forum allowed me to work on a common goal of Business and Marketing Education across state lines and build collaborative friendships to build our profession and brand.” --Matt Schneiderman, teacher, ID


Leadership Forum 2019 in Columbus, Ohio. Click here for a folder of all the pics from the 2019 Forum. 

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