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2018 Conclave Curriculum & Teaching Conference: October 5 – 8
Pre-Conference Workshops: October 5

Basic Registration            

 Member Non-Member
 $389 $529

All educators from schools in the MBA Research member states are eligible for member pricing. 

Basic Registration includes breakfast, luncheon, breaks, miscellaneous conference materials, and all professional development programming. 

Free The Celebration! ticket with registration by August 31. $39 after August 31. Ticket for unregistered guest: $49.

Institutional Registration

Bring the team!  Schools and school districts are encouraged to bring a team of leaders interested in building stronger business administration programs.  Bring your business education and marketing education faculty, counselors, curriculum specialists, advisory committee members, and local administrators responsible for business/marketing programs.  Deep discounts: 30% discount for the third and all additional registrations from an individual school, OR 30% discount for the fifth and all additional registrants from a school district.

Guest Registration 

$89. Includes two lunches, three breakfasts and Celebration! ticket (if registered before August 31).

College Student Registration

$79.  Full-time students in teacher preparation programs who are preparing to teach secondary business administration, and who are not currently in teaching positions, are eligible. Written verification of current full-time status from teacher educator is required.  Rate includes Basic Registration and The Celebration! ticket.

Encourage a "first-timer"!
Finder's Fee Cash

Help us introduce Conclave to those who’ve never been!  When a first-timer registers and identifies you as the “sponsor,” we’ll send you a check for $100.  Cash. Here’s the fine print: You must also be registered and both you and your first-timer must be registered at the conference hotel. (Hotel requirement waived if your home school is within 50 miles of conference site.)  Sponsors or first time attendees with registration and/or hotel paid through MBA Research are not eligible for the finders fee.  


Click here for a current list of pre-conference workshops.

Online registration coming soon!

Short on travel dollars this year?  Let us help.  First, consider being a presenter.  Second, bring a friend.  We’ll pay you a $100 finder’s fee for each first-timer who indicates on his/her registration that you are the sponsor.  The only requirements are that you must also be registered and the fee is paid only for first-time participants.  Also, you and your first-time participant must register with and stay in the conference hotel during the 2-day conference.  We write the check to you, so you can keep it, donate it, share it, or frame it.  Please note if first-timer is part of a team discount, your finder's fee is $50.  Why a finder’s fee?  We want Conclave to be the focal point of professional development for all business and marketing teachers.  And, our retention rate is extremely high.  It’s a very rare teacher who attends once and doesn’t continue to return as often as possible.  So, sign up your friends and we’ll pay your way $100 at a time.  Remember, we’re building Conclave for all teachers of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Management/Administration
  • Marketing

Sponsors or first time attendees with registration and/or hotel paid through MBA Research are not eligible for the finders fee.