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Pre-Conference Workshops

Hands-On: Resources and Strategies That Work!


Looking for resources that are industry driven, teacher tested and student approved?  Look no further than this session – and most of them are free.  Bring your computer as this will be a highly interactive workshop that will provide you with access to many free resources (and a couple that are very low cost).  Looking for case studies, projects, lesson plans, assessments, support for your CTSO, SBE or WBL program?  You will find this and more in this hands-on workshop led by Kim Guest and Jennifer Milke, experienced teachers and MBA PD Counselors. Participants will leave this Hands-On workshop with:

  • Resources to support program management and curriculum design
  • Instructional strategies that will engage students.
  • Resources to support teaching that are industry driven
  • Projects and case studies to support your curriculum


Kim Guest is currently a local CTE Director, marketing and accounting teacher, as well as a DECA advisor at Kearsley High School in Flint, MI. Kim has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Administration with a concentration in CTE along with a Masters Degree in Education Technology.  She operates a Gold Certified SBE. Kim has served on the Michigan Marketing Educators (MME) Board for seven years, and is currently the president.  Kim was also a teacher leader for the Economics in Marketing initiative in the state. She has worked on various curriculum alignment projects and co-chairs the Michigan Summer Marketing Academy sponsored by MME. Kim has presented at numerous state and national conferences, most recently at Conclave.

Jennifer Milke is a Marketing, Small Business, and Personal Finance teacher, as well as a DECA advisor at Henry Ford II High School in Sterling Heights, MI. Mrs. Milke received her BS in secondary education from Central Michigan University and is vocationally certified in marketing and business. She received her Master’s in public administration with an emphasis in educational administration at the University of Michigan Flint.

Hands-On: Ethics in Leadership Pilot Project


The time is now to teach ethical leadership.  Thanks to the Daniels Fund High School Ethics Initiative, course guides and LAP’s (learning modules) are free for teachers interested in expanding their curriculum or adding a new course.  Join teachers experienced in the use of the Daniels Fund materials as they share ideas on how to get district approval to offer an Ethical Leadership course, how to market the course, and where it can fit into your business administration program.  Tips and strategies will also be shared on how to integrate the lessons into currently taught courses.

Participants will leave with:

  • Tips and strategies for implementing the Ethical Leadership course
  • Sample lesson ideas
  • Access to digital downloads of course guides
  • Access to digital downloads of LAPs


Grace Brady is a twice certified National Board teacher with over 26 years of teaching experience.  She is also a certified MBA Research Ethics Specialist. Before teaching at Redmond High, she was an instructor at Trend Business College. At the high school level, she has taught Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Accounting, Personal Finance, Student Store, and technology classes, along with being a DECA Advisor. She is an adjunct instructor at South Seattle College teaching the Student & Professional Leadership course in the CTE teacher certification program. After earning a BS in Business Administration, Grace worked for several years in industry before returning to school to earn a BS in Business Education from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She has served as Treasurer for the Washington Association of Marketing Educators and is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an altruistic educators’ sorority.

Rachel Nelson Loupee has been a Business and Marketing teacher at Marshalltown High School in Marshalltown, Iowa since 2001. She currently teaches Financial Literacy, Principles of Business, Accounting, and Marketing. Rachel is excited to be able to offer the new course Ethical Leadership to her students starting the Fall 2017 semester. She has always prided herself in the number of accountants she has turned out of her program but is now looking forward to helping create more ethical citizens of the business world. Rachel is just beginning her work at the state and national level after starting her family. Rachel has studied at Creighton University (BSBA Marketing ‘98), Buena Vista University (BA American/World History and Secondary Education ‘01), Iowa State University (Financial Planning coursework) and Viterbo University (MA Secondary Education ‘08). 

Hands-On: The (Almost) New Learning Center


Join experienced users of the new learning center and spend time setting up or improving your Learning Center.  Bring your computer because as you will create a course, import content into the course, import additional resources including videos, assignments, and assessments and learn some tips and tricks for making your life easier through the use of the Learning Center.  This workshop is designed for those who have access to the MBA Learning Center, powered by Canvas.

Tammy Cyrus is a Business and Marketing Education teacher at South Central High School (NC).  She has received her National Board of Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) certification, her Master of Arts in Business Education (MaED) and will graduate with a Master of Science in School Administration (MSA) this summer.  Her professional experiences include working as adjunct faculty at Pitt Community College, working as a consultant with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, serving as Department Chairperson for the CTE Department, secretary of the School Improvement Team, mentoring beginning teachers, and working as a CTSO adviser for FBLA.

Lacee Manus is a Marketing Education teacher at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, NM. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in Secondary Education. Lacee has served on the NM ACTE Board for the past 4 years as well as the NM DECA Board for the past 8 years.  After being elected as the NM DECA Teacher of the Year in 2013, Lacee also assisted in developing the Marketing Curriculum for NM Marketing teachers (with the help of MBA Research of course). 

Hands On: The Art of Questioning in the CTE Classroom


Hands On: Tech Tools to Make You a Superhero!


Learn and get hands on with a variety of technology tools…whether it's tackling VR or flipping the classroom, or using various tech tools or methods to make PBL projects more interactive and presentations more dynamic. BONUS: Feel free to bring your own tech tool to share with others as well! Prizes will be awarded to the best tech tool share. 

Snehal Bhakta is a CTE Innovator for Business/IT and Social Media Consultant with Clark County School District in Nevada. He's Google Apps Certified, a DECA Leader, and a St. Baldrick's Supporter.

Hands On: Isn’t a Successful Teacher Also a Good Project Manager?


Today the role of the teacher is to guide students to find answers on their own, to be a leader, manager, facilitator, and co-learner/coach.  But what skills help teachers accomplish this?  In this session attendees will learn how project management skills can help them with their own projects and also make it easier to facilitate learning projects with their students. Is PBL part of your classroom? Project management makes PBL easier because it create a structure that helps both students and teacher keep projects on schedule so you can accomplish all of your learning objectives.

At this interactive session you will learn:

  • The connections between project management and CTE as a way to build career and college ready students
  • The PM phases and work through though phases using a sample project
  • The value that project management adds to project-based learning
  • Where to find high value, no or low cost resources and training in managing learning projects
  • Learn strategies to help you implement project management into your programs


Diane Fromm is the Programs Manager for the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) and has responsibility for the development of global K-12 education programs, including resource development and strategic partnerships. Her prior roles include management of PMIEF’s scholarships, awards and grants programs. Her previous experience includes management positions in sales, marketing and education in the IT Industry including UNISYS, IBM and Shared Medical Services.

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