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Session Name Speaker URL Credit Hours
Hands-On: Resources and Strategies that Work Kim Guest and Jennifer Milke  3
Hands-On: Ethics in Leadership Pilot Project Rachel Nelson Loupee  3
Hands-On: The (Almost) New Learning Center Tammy Cyrus and Lacee Manus  3
Hands-On: Isn't a Successful Teacher Also a Good Project Manager Diane Fromm  3
Hands-On: Tech Tools to Make You a Superhero Snehal Bhakta  3
Waterfront Port Tour #1 Melissa Scott  3
New to MBA Research? Rick Mangini  1
Opening Session--Business and Stem Shashi Jain  1
Be Even Better at What You Do Rachel Kahly  1
Beyond the Stage Chris Young  1
Do You Have the Right Stuff? Rick Mangini and Beth Osteen  1
Understanding and Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace Alan Cabelly  1
Ethics Training Through Analytical Projects Nathan Knottingham  1
Create a Student-Driven Classroom Brenda Grabski and Rick Davis  1
Entrepreneurship for EVERY Student. You Can Do It! Gene Coulson  1
Five Gears Ryan Underwood  1
Programs of Study April Miller  1
What People Want from Work--Top Trends Influencing Employer Strategies Suzi Alligood  1
Career Pathways: Connecting School and Workplace Dale Winkler  1
Engaging Online Learners Marcia Pedersen 1
MBA Research--Your Guide to Curriculum Resources! Kim Guest  1
Non-Profit Foundations in High Schools Chris Pendleton  1
Powerful PR Tactics to Promote a Student Business Danny Rubin  1
Project Management--Paving the Way for CTSO projects Jennifer Milke  1
Best Practices for LAPs Tammy Cyrus  1
Earning College Credits in High School through Scotland Partnership Jordan Whittecar and Joel Hunt  1
How Can the National Business Administration Standards Help You? Beth Osteen  1
Will Four Be a Crowd? The Expanding Hotel Scene in Vancouver Mike McLeod  1
Aligning Business Programs: Fostering Industry Engagement Steve Rayborn  1
Infusing CTE Business Programs into Middle School Amy Lorenzo and Shauna Williams  1
The Ultimate Session on Employability Skills for Your Students Danny Rubin  1
Use Data (Today!) to Justify Your Program Lisa Berkey  1
Get with the Program! April Miller  1
It Takes a Village: The Value of Community in Entrepreneurship Rick Turoczy 1
Project Management and the Stewarts Creek Marketplace Ann Stewart  1
Your 7th Sense Together at Work and School Brandon Pelissero, Rhace Smith, and Kari Palmer  1
Embracing Digital Badging & Certifications Ariel Dykstra and Taryn Fletcher  1
Building Programs with Industry Certifications Ariel Dykstra and Taryn Fletcher  1
#CareerTechEd Shark Tank Snehal Bhakta  1
Course Development Made Easy: MBA Curriculum Builder Kim Guest and Jennifer Milke  1
The Why and How of High School of Business Lisa Berkey  1
Micro-credentials? Certifications? Proof of Learning? Elizabeth Mosher  1
Evolving Strategies for Teaching and Learning in an Era of Innovation Meredith Goddard  1
Game-Changing Strategies for Significant Enrollment, Retention, & Performance Results Mark Perna  1
Breakout into Critical Thinking Skills Nina Merget  1
Here's Your Map for Building Exemplary Programs Rick Mangini and Lisa Berkey  1
Pitch Perfect! Making the Investor Connection Dave Barcos  1
Putting the Web to Work for Academic Integration Beth Osteen  1
Washington State Frameworks Primer (WA educators only) Brenda Grabski  1
Washington Business & Marketing OSPI Update (invitation only) OSPI  2
Intrapreneurship: Applying Entrepreneurial Skills to Succeed Vera Sells  1
PMIef Panel--Making Project Management Work for Teachers Lori Hairston et al  1
The Art of Questioning in the CTE Classroom Nakesha Dawson  1
Who Taught You to Make Financial Decisions? Lisa Whitling  1
Behind the Scenes of Vancouver's Waterfront Makeover Jonathan Eder  1
Riding the Wave of Success--Starting and Managing a Business Lainey Morse  1
Standards to Success Jessi Stone  1
Hide and Go Speak: Helping Those Around You Find Their True Voices Frank Tate  1
Waterfront Port Tour #2 David Clark  3
Daniels Fund Course Implementation Training #1 (invitation only) Brenda Clark and April Miller  5
Daniels Fund Course Implementation Training #2 (invitation only) Brenda Clark and April Miller  4


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