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What are the dates of Conclave?

October 6 - 9, 2017

What is Conclave and who should attend?

The MBA Conclave is designed for anyone who teaches or administers the teaching of business administration (entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing) build better, bigger, stronger programs at the local level.  Every session is designed for take-home value.

Where is the conference located?

Vancouver, WA

How will I keep informed of conference events, news and information?

All information will be updated on our website,  Click on Updates.

What are pre-conference workshops?

In addition to the basic conference, we offer value-added workshops.  These workshops are heavily attended and often sell out.  (In most, space is limited to a maximum of 20 participants per workshop.)  There is a small additional fee for each workshop, with the fee depending on the costs of transportation, Internet access, or several other variables.  These workshops differ from the regular conference seminars in that they are longer (most are 2 1/2 hours or longer) and provide more hands-on experience.  Be sure to read the descriptions carefully as some will require that you bring a laptop computer or complete some type of advance preparation.

How many attendees are expected?

Conclave averages 200, with approximately 65% from the high school arena, 20% from colleges, and an additional 15% from other settings. Participants include high school and community college faculty, local administrators, DEX, DECA, BPA and FBLA advisors, state supervisors, teacher educators and others interested in program development.

Is the conference likely to sell out?

We do not put a cap on the conference however the pre-conference workshops will most likely sell out and The Celebration! will sell out.

Who will be presenting?

Presenters include senior-level Fortune 1000 managers (typically VP and above), entrepreneurs with a unique story, and leading educators, including successful classroom instructors.

What is The Celebration!?

More than a party, The Celebration! is your opportunity to meet and network with many of the nations leading Business Administration teachers and administrators.  Often includes dinner and entertainment located at a venue that highlights our host city.  It’s become a focal point of the annual MBA Conclave!  Nearly everyone participates, so don’t be left out.  Ticket required.  However, register for Conclave prior to August 31 and your ticket is FREE!

Where is this year's Celebration! (opening night event)?

The Celebration! will be held at Warehouse 23 on the Columbia River on Friday night of Conclave. Warehouse 23 is a local gathering spot for Vancouverians as it has dueling pianos and life-size game boards in the game room, including a life-size Scrabble game. Warehouse 23 is .3 miles from the Hilton--a quick walk down SE Columbia Way approximately 2.5 city blocks.

When is payment due?

Advanced registration and payment is preferred. However, you may register on-sight.  All payment (credit card, checks, purchase orders) must be received by first day of the conference and may be paid on-sight at conference registration desk.

What happens if I have an emergency and need to cancel my registration?

100% refund of basic registration for cancellations prior to October 1; 75% thereafter.  No refunds for no-shows.  Sorry, no refund for sold-out workshops and tours, or The Celebration! after October 1.  (You may send an alternate.  No charge for substitutions at any time.)

How do I get CEU credits?

Don't need transcribed, university academic credits, but want documentation to meet continuing education requirements? All Conclave registrants will receive documentation of participation INCLUDING documentation of specific sessions attended. It's free, but here's the catch: We can document your participation only if you submit the appropriate survey for each session. Here's how it works: 

  • Attend session at Conclave (and be sure to remember its name).
  • On the electronic program (app), under each session's description, there is a link to the survey for that session.
  • Click on that link to open the survey.
  • Complete survey and click "Done."
  • On the next page, you will receive a confirmation that your survey was submitted and a code for that session.
  • Click the link provided in your confirmation and enter your code (one code per session).
  • Be sure to use the same email address for each code that you enter. Your CEU confirmations will be emailed to you at that address. **CEUs are organized by email address in our system, so using multiple email addresses will cause you to have multiple entries in our database with difference CEU credits in each.

If you do not want to use the app or you'd like to complete your surveys another way, please go to a page on our website here: This page lists all the surveys in alphabetical order by title. Click the titles of the sessions you attended and follow the same above steps to receive your CEU credits.

Do I have to stay at conference hotel?

No, however we cannot provide transportation to and from the conference or to and from any activity associated with the conference (i.e. The Celebration!).  Click here for hotel info.

Will there be food at the conference?

A continental breakfast and lunch is included both days of the conference.  Lunch is usually a boxed lunch or occasionally a sit down meal with a featured speaker.  The only dinner provided is at The Celebration! (A ticket to attend The Celebration! is required.)  Also, a boxed lunch is provided if you are participating in early back-to-back pre-conference workshops (first session immediately followed by second session).

Can I workshop hop?

No.  The pre-conference workshops are an additional fee for each workshop attended.  They are very in-depth and hands on, you will not have time to “hop” to another.  However, the actual conference will have several sessions offered every hour for you to choose from.

What floor is my session on?

First Floor:

  • Alder
  • Heritage A&B
  • Heritage C
  • Heritage D
  • Heritage E&F

Second Floor:

  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Hemlock
  • Cedar
  • Boardroom

Should I prepare for Conclave before arriving?

Should you? Yes but it is not required.  You will benefit greatly by reading the session descriptions ahead of time.  Our website lists every session description and speaker bio.  Because you have several options every hour, we recommend you take note of what sessions interests you the most and prepare once you’ve received your conference program at registration.  Having a plan ensures that you do not miss the sessions that you most want to attend, guaranteeing you the best conference experience.

What is the wifi password at Conclave 2017

On your device, connect to the Hilton_Meeting Network. Once you're connected and open up your browser, you will be redirected to a portal page.
Here, put in the code mba2017 (no caps).

Will I have access to speaker material?

Yes.  After the conference we will post on our website any material the speakers provide us with.  You will be able to access and download the material for free!

Getting the most from 2017 Conclave

What to do during the event:

  • Shut down from work (including checking emails)
  • Be flexible (attend sessions outside your industry
  • After each session, note one thing you will do
  • Approach the speakers

What to do after the event:

  • Connect on social media with people you met (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn)
  • Present experience to your team at work (e.g. lunch & learn)
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