MBA Research
Not-for-profit, research-based support for all Business Administration educators: entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/administration, and marketing.

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Benefits of Membership

MBA Research is an association (consortium) of states.  Membership is statewide and provides benefits to all CTE teachers.  Individual school or teacher memberships are not available.   

Member benefits include research, service, and resources for both the state and for individual schools, as outlined below.

There are four levels of membership available to states.  Annual membership contributions are based on the membership level and the state’s total population.

In general, benefits are standardized by membership level.  Some benefit packages are customized to the individual state to best meet state needs within reasonable budget constraints. 

State’s Connection is the dedicated website for each individual member state.  Many of the benefits outlined below are accessed via the State’s Connection.

BASIC MEMBERSHIP.  All members receive the following: 

Business Engagement:         

Action Briefs - Highlights of our industry research.  Issued approximately monthly with a focus on industry trends relevant to career preparation.

Executive Advisory Network - Our Industry Liaison staff will work directly with you to recruit membership in the Executive Advisory Network AND help you access the Network for a variety of state needs, including advocacy activities.

National Business Administration Curriculum Standards:

Business Validated Performance Indicators - Full access to indicators validated by pathway and consolidated by business administration core and career clusters (entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, management/ /administration, and marketing).  Available to members via web, pdf, or interactive database (Curriculum Builder).  Ready to use as-is, or use our research as the starting point for state standards. NOTE:  Pathway validation is different from heterogeneous business panels and results in significantly more valid data.


MBA Curriculum Builder - MBA Curriculum Builder is a web-based database that allows easy and fast manipulation of the national Business Administration standards. The system supports a variety of queries that can be used to build state standards or to develop courses or programs of study based on the national standards.  Enhanced versions of MBA Curriculum Builder are available with “full” or “enhanced” memberships.

Program of Study Models (POS) - Comprehensive POS models include detailed recommendations for a logical sequence of courses, grades 9 through a college BA degree. Models support 2-, 3-, and 4-year HS programs and offer various levels of rigor based on MBA Curriculum Planning Levels and other data. 

Course Guides - (12+) Course Guides offer a comprehensive solution for each of the courses recommended in our Programs of Study.  Each guide includes specific tools and recommendations for the instructor, including a detailed list of learning expectations.  (Note: Guides are not instructional materials, but are intended for course planning and design.) Each Guide includes sample test items that can be used to build exams. For a complete list of available Guides, search "curriculum" in the online store.  NOTE:  A version of each course guide is available to schools in non-member states.

Instructional Support:

Ethics Case Studies - Timely and relevant to current news, these ethics-oriented case studies support teachers' efforts to make their classrooms relevant. Cases are available to all teachers via State's Connection and are linked from the Perspectives newsletter so that your teachers receive timely notification while the topic is still hot and relevant to current lessons. Ethics case studies are intended to stimulate conversation and to engage students in thoughtful analysis of business decision making.

Web Bookmarks - As our researchers and writers search the Web, they frequently find sites of particular interest that can add real value to the local classroom. We bookmark these sites and post them in State's Connection. All teachers in member states are then just a click away from some of the best that the Web has to offer.

Proof of Learning:

A*S*K Institute Certification – Business-sponsored certifications are available on a significantly discounted fee structure.  The Institute for the Assessment of the Skills and Knowledge of Business is sponsored by the Business Coalition for Education, a coalition of professional and trade associations.   For additional information:

Authentic Assessment – Comprehensive, research-based rubrics and scenarios that can be used in a number of different classes. They also offer a great tool for helping students prepare for competitive events in all three relevant student organizations.  NOTE:  New or revised rubrics are being added to State’s Connection on a schedule averaging one per month.

Digital Badges (Micro-credentials) – deeply discounted in member states, these digital badges are intended for use with digital resume’s, applications, portfolios, and social media such as LinkedIn.  Badges serve as building blocks toward A*S*K certification, and as proof of learning associated with specific standards, courses, or programs of study.

End-of-Program - Significantly discounted online testing for comprehensive, end-of-program (multi-course) assessments.  Exams are aligned with the program-of-study models described in the curriculum section of this benefit summary.

Professional Development:

PD Documentation - Beginning July 1, 2016, we maintain a database of participants in selected professional development activities.  Reports are available free to all teachers in member states to help support local claims for continuing education and to document participation for various college credit opportunities.

Monday Morning Update (MMU) - Our MMU is designed to keep all member-state program leaders in the loop.  In short, we share what we know that may be relevant to all aspects of your business/marketing programs. MMU is designed for state program leaders and is not appropriate for local teachers and administrators.

Teacher Advisory Network - Put TWO of your own teachers on the MBA Research team. Our national Teacher Advisory Network is designed to help ensure that we are meeting teacher needs with substantive, realistic, doable products and services. Network members will receive significant perks, including free products and free or reduced-cost participation in the annual Conclave. Each member state is invited to nominate two teachers (each must be primarily focused on a different career area -- e.g., one from finance and one from marketing).

Member Webinar Series – We offer a wide variety of professional development opportunities via webinar. Look for both staff and teacher-hosted sessions focusing on curriculum, assessment, pedagogy (e.g., project-based learning), and how-to sessions focused on MBA Research tools and services. All teachers in member states will have full, no cost access and will receive appropriate documentation for claiming local CEU and related credits.

Annual Workshop Package - Member states have access to a series of seminars and workshop packages designed to be delivered by state program leaders and expert business/marketing teachers. The first several packages focus on helping local teachers get maximum value from your MBA Research state membership. Additional packages will help guide teachers through the national accreditation criteria (best practice for exemplary programs).

Perspectives - This email-based newsletter is targeted at local business and marketing teachers.  Issued ad hoc (approximately 20/year), we provide a mix of news and professional development, along with ready-to-use activities such as selected ethics case studies and other relevant current-events materials.

Program Development:

High Achievers Recognition - Part of our badging program introduced in 2016, students in accredited programs may earn special "high achiever" badge(s) that document their successes with coursework and high-level learning experiences.  Additional information on the badging program is available on our website.

College/Career Web Resource (PLANNED for 2017 rollout) - This password-protected website will be targeted at parents and counselors to help them understand the potential value to students participating in a nationally accredited program. We anticipate a mix of hard data, anecdotal evidence (e.g. video endorsements), and program descriptions based on accreditation standards and criteria.

Marketing Tools (PLANNED for rollout in 2017) - Designed to build enrollment, accredited schools will have access to a variety of tools, including surveys for local use, brochures and collateral material masters, banners and display material, student-oriented webinars, Twitter feeds, etc. With the exception of signature items (e.g., banners, apparel, etc.), most materials will be free to accredited schools in member states.


Vote - The MBA Research program of work is determined by your Board of Trustees with input from the full Consortium. All member states are entitled to a voting representative (state liaison) who is appointed by the state's CTE Director. Voting representatives are eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees after serving the required time as the official state liaison.

Annual Meeting - Each member state's official liaison is invited and expected to participate in TWO annual meetings:  1) distance-based business meeting each June and 2) professional development conference in conjunction with MBA Conclave.

Travel Support - Travel is fully underwritten for each member state's official representative (state liaison) to participate in the annual meeting at Conclave. Travel reimbursement is prorated based on participation in the official meeting (dates and times vary from year to year) and include: least-cost airfare, conference hotel (3 nights), per diem, and incidentals per MBA Research travel policy.  (NOTE: Partial or full travel support for a second qualified person is available to full and enhanced member states.

Additional Support:

Member Discounts - All public schools in member states receive significant price discounts on most products and services. With minor exceptions, discounts range from 5% (resale of select products from commercial vendors) to 45% (materials for which MBA Research holds the intellectual property rights).

State’s Connection - State's Connection is a password-protected, state-specific website designed to share a wide variety of materials, many of which are identified elsewhere in this member benefits list. All teachers in a member state have direct access to this service, and state program leaders may use the site to add other relevant materials (subject to approval based on MBA Research philosophies and practices).

STANDARD MEMBERSHIP: All Basic Membership privileges plus:

Business Engagement:

Business Coalition - Our Industry Liaison staff will work directly with you to connect with associations and organizations throughout your state and work with them to engage their members in supporting and advocating activities statewide. We'll work with you to identify one or more teachers to act as a liaison to specific associations and provide appropriate collateral materials and continuing communications to encourage active engagement of the association and its membership.

Local Validation - At least once every five years, our R&D team will conduct one or more on-site focus groups to validate key standards as determined jointly with you.  As part of the process, we’ll work with you to populate the focus group and prepare a summary report of our findings for your use as appropriate.

National Business Administration Standards:

State Crosswalks - We'll work with you and a teacher team to crosswalk nationally validated standards with your state standards, and we'll provide a detailed gap analysis to document differences.

Professional Development:

Local Workshop - We'll work with you (and come to you) with a custom designed workshop or seminar series once every three years.  We'll provide the trainer and workshop materials, and we'll cover some or all travel costs depending on anticipated participation.

Additional PD activities are under development, including support for teacher licensure. Details will be announced in the Monday Morning Update (MMU).

FULL MEMBERSHIPAll Basic and Standard Membership privileges plus:

Business Engagement:

Senior Management Futuring Panel - At least once each five years, our R&D team will work with you to empanel and conduct one or more on-site "futuring panels" made up of senior-level executives in your state.


Curriculum Builder Level 2 - Offers additional functionality from the basic program, including access to activities, resources, and additional options for manipulation of the performance indicators. Visit our website for details as they become available.

Professional Development:

MBA Leadership Forum - This is an in-depth forum designed to give individual member states direct input into the MBA Research program of work and to provide an in-depth discussion into the nature of our work and the growth and development of the profession. Part advisory committee agenda and part training and professional development, participants work with our staff and national leaders to be certain we're all moving in the same direction. States with membership at this level are given priority for participation.

A significant portion of expenses are covered for two participating teachers (from two different cluster areas) and the business/marketing state-level programs leader(s). Full representation is required for the state to participate in the Forum.  The next Forum is scheduled for January, 2018, in Columbus. 

FULL members: Up to 50% expense reimbursement (Total maximum = 10% of total membership fee.)

ENHANCED members: Up to 80% expense reimbursement. (Total maximum = 10% of total membership fee.)

Leader Network Priority - The MBA Leadership Network is envisioned as a small group of highly trained teachers to support professional development initiatives statewide. This volunteer cadre of exemplary teachers will receive a variety of special incentives, including free or reduced-cost materials, fee waivers for Conclave and other MBA Research activities. States at this membership level will be given priority in the selection process.

Program Development:

Accreditation Site - For one demonstration site, includes all application and other fees associated with earning and maintaining accreditation. Optional training and prep workshops are not included.


Additional Participant - States at this membership level may nominate one additional state-level to participate in the annual meeting and to receive full or partial travel reimbursement. The additional person must have statewide program leadership responsibilities in one of the four relevant Career Clusters and be nominated by the state's CTE Director. Travel reimbursement may include: least-cost airfare, conference hotel (3 nights), per diem, and incidentals per MBA Research travel policy.

ENHANCED MEMBERSHIP: All Basic, Standard, and Full Membership privileges plus:


Entrepreneurs’ Panel - At least once every five years, our R&D team will work with you to empanel and conduct one or more on-site validation panels made up of entrepreneurs and small business owners in your state. Working together, we'll validate selected state standards and work to encourage advocacy for business and marketing education.


Curriculum Builder Level 3 - Adds assessment tools, including access to test items, rubrics and scenarios, and other materials appropriate to the specific performance indicator.

Instructional Support:

MBA Learning Center (1) - Includes full teacher access to the MBA Learning Center, one subscription and up to five teachers per school. Teachers may access any titles that best meet their schools' needs. Schools may add additional teachers and student access as appropriate at current pricing. (Annual student subscriptions:  $5.50 each for first 100; $3.85 each additional.  Pricing subject to change.)

SERVICES AVAILABLE BY CONTRACT – Discounted 30% - 40% in member states:

Custom Standards - We'll work with you and your team to develop a custom set of standards to your criteria. Costs depend on the scope of the project and the specific deliverables you'll need from MBA Research. Past projects have ranged from $10,000—$50,000 per cluster.     

Custom Training – We offer a comprehensive training package that can be customized to meet specific conference and training needs.  Our training, consulting, and professional development is offered through a national PDTeam of practicing teachers, as well as by staff with various specialized expertise.


MBA Membership, FY17

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State    Level    Liaison
AL   Standard  Dawn Morrison
AZ   Enhanced  Robert Waller
CA   Basic  Michelle McIntosh
CO   Basic  Dana Anderson
CT Basic Suzanne Loud
GA Basic  Linda Smith
IA Standard  Kelli Diemer
ID Enhanced  Shauna Williams
KS Basic  Natalie Clark
KY Enhanced  Betty Montgomery
MN Basic  Dean Breuer
MO Full  Lori Brewer
MS Basic  Angela Kitchens
NC Enhanced  Delores Ali
ND Full  Kevin Reisenauer
NE Enhanced  Sydney Kobza
NM Basic  Christine Phipps
NV Standard  Melissa Scott
OH Basic  Dee Sturgill
OK Basic  Carrie DeMuth
OR Basic  Ron Dodge
PA Basic  La Verne Dixon
WA Standard  Lance Wrzesinski
WI Basic  Tim Fandek
WV Enhanced  Deanna Canterbury-Penn
WY Basic  Suzan Newberry


Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to any agency or organization that regularly administers or provides active and substantive support to programs addressing instruction in economics, entrepreneurship, business management, and marketing (e.g., school system, college, professional association or state education department).

Requirements of Membership

  • Majority of constituency are actively involved with education for and about economics, marketing, management, or entrepreneurship at pre-baccalaureate level
  • Identification of an official representative to the Consortium
  • Active participation in the annual meeting and governance process
  • Development of an annual plan for active support of Consortium program of work
  • Payment of membership dues established by the Board of Directors

Membership Fees

Membership in the MBA Research Consortium is based on population of the state, per formula.  Examples of the “Basic” membership fee:

AK  (pop: 731,449) $2,200
ID  (pop: 1,595,728) $2,806
IA  (pop: 3,074,186) $4,223
VA  (pop: 8,185,867) $8,895
GA  (pop: 9,919,945) $7,314
CA  (pop: 38,802,500) $10,500

"Standard", “Full”, and “Enhanced” state memberships offer additional benefits.  For more information on membership fees, expectations, and benefits, please contact Jim Gleason, CEO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“Iowa has been a member of MBA Research Consortium since its inception in 1971. We value the resources for our Business and Marketing teachers as we work in an educational environment with local control. Thank you MBA Research for making available research-based curriculum to our 320+ school districts in Iowa.”--Kelli Diemer, Iowa state program leader and MBA Research Board member