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Even before this school year, our online MBA Learning Center was our best-selling, top-of-the-line instructional tool.  Still is. But, silly us, we thought good as it is, we can do even better.  So, we asked our users, our teacher-trainers, and our national teacher advisory network how.  Their ideas led to changes like these:

  • More interaction, higher engagement
  • Significantly reduced base price
  • Add as many (or few) students as you want
  • Teacher control over test access
  • Order any time and get 12 full months
  • No scheduled down time in summer
  • Access to all modules (300+ and growing)
  • Transportability (runs on our system or yours)
  • Single login for access to entire system
  • Customizable (add your own examples)
  • Speedgrader (by Canvas)
  • Simple online gradebook
  • Online collaboration tools
  • Mobile device enabled


Key Features

All those features and benefits that made our old system our top seller are still in place. You get: 

  • 206* Complete, comprehensive learning modules
  • 88 “Just for You” (abbreviated) modules
  • Online testing for each complete module
  • 100% standards-aligned content
  • Customizable content (Add your own examples!)
  • PowerPoints, discussion guides, activities


*You’ll find new or fully revised learning modules every week. Your research partners at MBA Research are on a mission:  Keep the Learning Center up to date and build a module for every key performance indicator needed to deliver on the national standards.  To that end, we update it nearly every day.

Release schedule
Available modules

Custom courses

Our new MBA Learning Center is based on a Canvas platform.  In plain English, this means that it’s cutting edge technology that gives you complete control over how you use the content.  It lets you organize content into courses any way you want.  It supports 100% online learning so you can forget handwritten student papers, tests, and assignments.  Our online how-to instructions get you up and running quickly, but that’s only the beginning.  Webinars (live and recorded), how-to videos, and user groups (coming soon), and your own day-to-day experiences will help you explore and find new ways to make your classroom one of the best in the building. (Our up-to-date, real-world content doesn’t hurt either!)

Select by course
Not sure how to get started with the learning modules?  Consider starting with our course designs and the list of modules we’ve identified for each individual course. Click here for a video on creating courses with LAPs. 

Coming This Fall: Full Courses Available on the Learning Center
Are you an avid user of our comprehensive course guides? Do you teach business, marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship, and/or leadership? If so, preparing for your classes is about to get a whole lot easier! This fall, the MBA Learning Center will include preloaded, ready-to-use courses for each of our course guides. Simply import the course into your class, and you’re ready to go with all of the content you need!


A single annual subscription to the MBA Learning Center may be shared (with separate logins) by up to five different teachers. Full 12-month subscription for 5 teachers: $595 (Member states) or $850 (Non-member). 5-year pricing available. Priced lower than a textbook and no dusty books to deal with!
Add to your teacher subscription: Give your individual students online access for the entire year.

  Member Non-Member
10-100 $5.50 $7.85
101+ $3.85 $5.50

See the online store to purchase. 

Question Bank

Coming this fall: The MBA Learning Center will feature a brand-new question bank for building your own custom assessments. The Question Bank will house thousands of multiple-choice test items appropriate for a variety of entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing courses. You’ll be able to quickly and easily pull test items by topic or performance indicator number, building assessments that accurately reflect your curriculum. Each test item is aligned to an industry-validated performance indicator and designed to effectively measure your students’ mastery of content. With the Question Bank, you’ll be able to:

  • Build new tests from scratch
  • Make multiple versions of tests
  • Use the bank to add additional questions to an existing assessment

The Question Bank will save you time and effort and is perfect for building pretests, end-of-course or end-of-unit exams, and more! 


"I use the MBA Learning Center in all aspects of my teaching. I use it to introduce the material to the students, I use it to assess the students, I use it to give the students a little bit of variety, and I use it to differentiate the different levels of my classroom." -Alicia Weeks, Wake County Public Schools, NC

"I love to use MBA Research materials in my classroom because when I do, I know the students are getting relevant and current information that has been verified by industry professionals. They make it easy for me to pick and choose content that either accentuates what I am already doing or can be a whole unit or course. The choice is up to me." -Phil Huff, Badger High School, WI

"The activities are engaging for students and give a great variety for teachers to use depending on how in-depth you want to go into the subject and how you need to differentiate." -Teresa Brooks, Southington High School, CT

"I appreciate the website links for examples and videos." -Deanna Peck, Butler High School, NC


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