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Course Profiles

Need help figuring out content priorities for your courses?  Course profiles offer help with content decisions and with how to organize the content over the year. Each profile is part of the overall MBA Research curriculum model that includes:

  • Programs of Study provide the big-picture view, including recommended course offerings (academic and technical) and other information important to developing your business administration program.
  • Course Profiles provide a quick overview of the content for an individual course, including recommendations for sequencing.  (Teaching in a member state? Course Profiles can be accessed free via State's Connection!)
  • Course Guides provide a more in-depth look at each course, including project and activity ideas, etc.  (Each Course Guide contains the same information as the Course Profile - plus much more.)
  • LAP Modules offer in-depth content for individual performance indicators.  Use LAPs as your daily lesson plan and for substantive student materials.
  • Assessment

Course Profiles provide: 

  • Course description
  • Information on the individual course’s fit within one or more programs-of-study
  • Recommended performance indicators for the specific course
  • Recommended sequence for the course
  • Instructional objectives that specify desired learning outcomes
  • Recommendations regarding LAP modules
  • Crosswalk to major textbooks, as appropriate to the course

Course Profiles match courses recommended in one or more of the MBA program-of-study models.  Each of the following courses is recommended in each program-of-study model for entrepreneurship, finance, management/administration, and marketing:

  • Business and Marketing Essentials
  • Leadership
  • Personal Finance

Additional Course Profiles are available for more specialized course, recommended in one (or more) of the program-of-study models:

  • Entrepreneurship Principles
  • Entrepreneurship, Advanced
  • Finance Introduction
  • Management Introduction
  • Marketing Applications
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Marketing Principles
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