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Using LAPs for Differentiated Instruction

Meet every student's needs with MBA Research's lesson modules (LAPs). Learn how each LAP allows for differentiation and varying student learning styles and supports traditional classroom pedagogy, project-based learning, and flipped instruction. 

Features of each module:

  • Two individual and two group activities
    • First individual and group activities: Relatively short, focused on basic concepts introduced in the LAP
    • Second individual and group activities: More complex, require more time and critical-thinking skills
    • Activities can be assigned to different students according to their learning styles and abilities.
  • Glossary
    • Teachers - especially those with English Language Learners - tell tell us the glossary is also helpful for differentiated instruction.
    • These teachers typically share the glossary with their students early in their work on the LAP so that students can refer back to the glossary when they run across words in the core narrative that they're unsure about.
  • Core narrative, discussion guide, and PowerPoint presentation
    • Our instructional modules accommodate a variety of learning types.
    • Verbal/Linguistics learners comprehend the material best when they read the core narrative. Auditory learners understand the material best when the teacher uses the discussion guide to present content. Visual learners appreciate viewing the PowerPoint presentation. Kinesthetic learners learn best when they are actively involved in a hands-on individual or group activity.

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