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MBA Research Leadership Forum Exceeds Expectations

Eight teams from member states (AZ, KY, NC, ID, WI, WV, OH, NE) and two teachers (from Oregon and Washington) collaborated, shared, and created action plans at this year's MBA Research Leadership Forum.

The Leadership Forum is designed to bring state leaders and teachers together to learn, collaborate, and plan to continue to improve business administration programs and leadership within their individual states and to share best practices across states. The goals for the Forum are:

  1. Build exemplary Business Administration programs
  2. Build Leadership and Advocacy within the state
  3. Position secondary business administration as rigorous and relevant

Each state team created an action plan that will be the focus of their work in the coming year. A few examples of some of the work states plan to complete include bringing business and marketing education state associations together to collaborate on state standards, creating a validation panel for administrative support and business management, and gathering workforce data for the state to share with teachers and position programs. A few of the participants had this to say about the Forum

"Extremely valuable for bringing my state team together for long term planning and program sustainability." 
- Kevin Williams, Assistant Director, Ohio Department of Education

"Communication between State Staff and Teachers is always difficult with the demands of our careers. MBA Leadership Forum brought us together and provided the opportunity to have real conversation regarding the status of Business Education throughout the state. It was a very valuable experience." 
- Vallie Robeson (OH)

"MBA Research did an outstanding job with the Leadership Forum. From the preparation, organization, facilitation, hospitality to the extension of support to our states. Arizona is excited to get our boots in the ground and start evangelizing in order to better prepare our students for future college and career opportunities." 
- Elena Sobampo (AZ)