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Bookmarks for High School of Business Teachers

Better Money Habits™ 
Bank of America and Khan Academy created an online partnership to educate consumers about the basics of personal finance and money management. Students sign up for free and can accumulate points and earn badges on many topics including credit, taxes, personal banking/security, saving, school expenses, home buying, car buying, and debt. Tools include informative videos, infographics, key takeaways, and short quizzes. 
Created in 2000, is an online resource for marketing students, teachers, and professionals. The site uses plain language to describe key marketing topics such as digital marketing, consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and more. Contributors to the site are qualified marketing lecturers with many years of marketing education experience.  

WE THE ECONOMY presents 20 short films, all centered on various economic topics. The high-quality films were each created by an award-winning filmmaker and use different creative styles to make complicated economic topics understandable and fun for everyone.  Topics include supply and demand, fiscal and monetary policy, globalization, inequality, and more!