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National Committee to Review MBA Research Accreditation Standards and Criteria

A new MBA Research committee has been formed to review the MBA Research National Accreditation Standards and Criteria. The standards, last revised in 2014, represent a research-based set of best practices that are used to identify exemplary secondary business administration programs in management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. The standards address five broad areas which include Teaching and Learning; Collaboration and Communication; Teacher Leadership; Program Development; and Student Learning, Achievement, and Success. This newly appointed standing committee will review each set of criteria with regard to relevance, rigor, and appropriateness for identifying high-quality programs. The input from the committee will be used to inform any necessary revisions to the standards.

Members of the committee include: Michael Connet, Senior Director, ACTE; Dale Winkler, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB); John Foster, President/CEO, NOCTI; Laura Arnold, State Director, Kentucky; Dwight Johnson, State Director, Idaho; Kelli Diemer, ACTE Business Division Vice President; Richard Faulkner, ACTE Marketing Division Vice President; Dona Orr, President, National Association of Supervisors of Business Education (NASBE); Dustin Devers, Interim Executive Director, Business Professionals of America (BPA); Kelly Scholl, Director of Education, FBLA; John Fistolera, Interim Executive Director, DECA; and Rachael MannEric Ripley, and Tom Applegate, representing the National Council of Local Administrators (NCLA).