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Phil Loaiza

Phil is, in his words, the Technology Ombudsman and Computer Whisperer for our organization.  As such, he provides the human connection between all the boxes with blinking lights in our office and our staff teams.  On good days, he keeps all those blinking lights blinking harmoniously.   To do so, he’s been known to curse silently at the heavens when things go wrong in his attempts to maintain, upgrade, and cajole the organization’s various computers and peripherals. Phil is instrumental in the design and operation of all things technical, including our various web sites, the online MBA Learning Center, and the many different data bases that support our programs and services.

We asked Phil to share a bit about his professional background.  In his words:  I started working with computers when I was 14 years old.  No big deal you say, but when I was 14 dinosaurs roamed the earth and gas was 25 cents a gallon.  I tried to get a formal education in personal computers but such a thing didn't exist and rather then getting the electrical engineering degree that all my other peers went after I dropped out and started learning everything I could about PCs on my own. Throughout the years I've done a little bit of everything where computers are concerned.

And, finally, when he’s not focused on our machines, Phil spends his free time spoiling his three-year-old grandson, Bennett.  Bennett, he claims, happens to be the cutest, most lovable 3 year old you've ever seen.  (This is a real accomplishment given that we have other staff with other kids!)   When he’s not spending time with Bennett, he’s likely online shopping for toys for 3 year olds.  

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