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Let the debate begin!

More than ever MBA Research is dedicated to building a family of educators interested in helping students prepare for careers in the world of business.  We know that this is a challenging time, and that change is in the air – at a pace we’ve never before seen.  So let’s work together to share ideas, build bridges, create new programs, and serve our students in creative, innovative ways.  We’ve dedicated this space to sharing your ideas, answering your questions, responding to your concerns, and to creating a national debate on how to best serve students. I’m betting that my “Repositioning” article hit a few nerves in both positive and negative ways.  Let’s use your ideas to expand on mine.  I’ll play host, but we’ll invite all of our staff and Board to participate, and we’ll share your thoughts with the nation’s other business and marketing educators.  Make a statement, share an idea, or simply ask a question. No rules. Let’s get the ball rolling! 

Jim Gleason, Ph.D.
MBA Research

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