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Digital badges document community service!

For our friends in the business community:  As we work to help students prepare for the real world, your involvement is critical. Through our focus groups, advisory councils, coaltions, and MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNET) your engagement helps us get it right. 

As a way to say “thank you,” we’re working on a way to document your contributions to education – in hopes that you’ll find these new digital badges useful for your resume and, just as importantly, as a way to let us publicly acknowledge your volunteer work.

A digital badge is simply a graphic tied to a web link. As you participate in one our community service activities such as the MBA ExecNET, we’ll send you a digital link.  You can then include that link on nearly anything digital. You have complete control. We share the link only with you. You then share it anywhere you want. 

Readers who click on your link will be taken to a special web page that explains how the digital badge was earned and how the work you did to earn it contributes to the education of our future leaders. 

We hope you’ll share your community service badges on your own social media to encourage your friends and colleagues to make similar contributions.

Watch for the release of our first badge in early 2019 – based on contributions you’re making right now.  AND, until then, many thanks for your support.

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