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Focus Groups

    At MBA Research, we consider engagement with business and industry one of the most important components of research for our National Business Administration Standards.

    National focus groups conducted state by state, within our member states, are one of the key methods for gathering feedback from business and industry. We organize focus groups in two distinct ways, via futuring, and validation panels.

    Futuring panels consist of key senior-level executives from the business, marketing, finance, and hospitality/tourism management clusters. These panels are typically the first step in the development process for content standards, but can serve as a stand-alone process to engage business and to inform states’ decision-making regarding pathways, courses, and content. Futuring panels are unique in that they provide a forward- thinking perspective and thus focus on trends and issues affecting the various career clusters. They also provide input on skillsets, career pathways, specializations, emerging occupations, and recognized credentials related to all aspects of the business industry. See Futuring Panel FAQ.

    Standards validation panels consist of business professionals in various stages of their career from specialists, to managers, directors, and executive officers/presidents. We meet with professionals in business, marketing, and finance to help us determine, based on their work experience, the critical skillsets needed for success in the workplace. We use this process to validate existing curriculum standards, newly proposed standards, and to update standards under revision. See Validation Panel FAQ.

    Recent Panels and Reports by State

    MBA Research Business Administration Areas of Study

    • Business Management Cluster
      • Business Information Management
      • General Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Operations Management
      • Administrative Services
    • Marketing Cluster
      • Marketing Communications
      • Marketing Management
      • Marketing Research
      • Merchandising
      • Professional Selling
    • Finance Cluster
      • Accounting
      • Banking Services
      • Corporate Finance
      • Insurance, Securities and investments
    • Hospitality and Tourism Management Cluster
      • Restaurant Management
      • Lodging Management
      • Event Management
      • Travel and Tourism Management