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About MBA Research

    MBA Research (Marketing and Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Established in 1971 as an education foundation, it is operated by a consortium of 26 state education departments.  Its mission is to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business.  MBA Research supports a systems approach to the teaching of business that includes:

    • Listening to the business community to understand what matters most in curriculum for future business leaders
    • Curriculum standards that provide a framework for high-quality business programs
    • Curriculum design to identify learning outcomes most likely to help students prepare for real-world careers in business
    • Instructional support to help both students and teachers with learning tools that focus specifically on developing key understandings and skills
    • Proof-of-learning via industry-sponsored certifications and other assessments, recognitions, and documentations.
    • Program accreditation, recognizing exemplary high school programs that effectively address all elements of the systems approach outlined here.