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Aligning needs of students and the business community

Our mission is to help ensure that what’s taught in schools aligns with what’s needed for employment and promotion in business.  MBA Research is generally recognized as the premier institution for curriculum research and leadership that supports business administration curricula in high schools and many colleges.

The organization’s preeminent position is the direct result of the continuing support and participation of the nation’s business community.  We are indebted to the thousands of individual business leaders who have contributed their time and expertise over the last 40 years, who have helped ensure the relevance, rigor and reliability of MBA Research’s curricula.

And, we need your help!  Can you contribute 15 minutes a month to complete an online survey about your work?  You’ll learn, we’ll learn, and most importantly, together we’ll help young people better prepare for future business careers. Learn more: MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet)

Document your community service.  Coming soon: Digital badges to document your community service in support of public education.  Badges offer a contemporary, easy way to show you care – on your digital resume, your portfolio, and your social media.  

Schools teach business to help kids prepare for the real world.  High-quality business programs are good for the kids and they’re good for you, for the entire business community. These same young students of business bring with them a positive work ethic, an understanding of basic economics (e.g., why profit is a good thing), and critical skills that contribute to both their and your successes.

But what’s high quality?  We believe that the best business programs are those that teach what matters most to you and the businesses in the community.  High-quality programs provide opportunities for students to experience the ways that business works.  And, these best programs hold kids accountable for their learning – through certifications and assessments consistent with the needs and expectations of business.

In other words, high quality business programs in our schools are dependent on both teachers and students understanding the knowledge and skills that will matter most in the real world – in your world.  And that’s where local business leaders can make a real difference.

Here are several things you can do to help ensure high-quality business programs in your community and across the nation:

  • Advocate:  Make it clear to your school board and to your school administration that high-quality business programs are important to you and your community.
  • Volunteer:  Let your school’s business department chairperson know that you’re interested and willing to help – as a speaker, a mentor, a judge, or an advisor.
  • Sign up:  Join the national MBA Executive Advisory Network and contribute 15 minutes a month – online, at your convenience – helping MBAResearch understand what matters most in curriculum.
  • Bring your association:  Encourage your Chamber and professional associations to join the MBA Business Coalition for Education.  

With your help and encouragement, business administration programs -- high school and college -- across the nation can do amazing things to raise the level of the workforce in your community.  You’re already paying for your schools, why not leverage your tax dollar into high-impact business administration programs that will return direct benefits to you and your community?

Get Involved! Business managers and college faculty needed to review high school exam questions.

  • Total of one hour or less
  • Research is online, at your own pace, over a 3-week period.

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Established in 2012, the MBA Research Business Coalition for Education is a not-for-profit coalition of professional and trade associations and foundations committed to supporting the teaching of critical business concepts and skills in the nation’s high schools. 

All professional associations, trade associations, and many foundations are invited to participate. 

Coalition Mission:  Encourage the teaching of core business skills and economic concepts for college- and career-ready high school curricula.

Chapter Benefits of Membership

  1. Active contribution to the success of high school students locally and nationwide
  2. Recognition as a (non-financial) Chapter Sponsor of student certifications and accredited school programs as offered by MBA Research.
  3. Opportunity for chapter publicity via local and association press, web, and social network (with PR support via MBA Research publicity initiatives)
  4. Member engagement via continuing online and local opportunities facilitated by MBA Research
  5. Chapter and individual member feedback and recognition by MBA Research
  6. Opportunities to participate/present at national conferences of business faculty

Activities of the Coalition

  1. Member participation in online surveys and discussion groups (15 minutes/month) to influence:
    • Business course curricula (national model)
    • Criteria for national student certification exams
    • Student recognition programs (local, state, and national)
  2. Encourage real-world learning opportunities for local students
  3. Recognize high-performing students (locally determined with MBA Research guidance)
  4. Advocate among community leaders as appropriate
  5. Recognize local high school business administration programs that have achieved national accreditation

Requirements of Coalition Membership

  1. Approval of the association board/leadership
  2. Acceptance by MBA Research
  3. Appointment of a key contact
  4. Participation in Coalition planning
  5. Member participation in MBA Executive Advisory Network
  6. Endorsement of National Business Administration Standards derived from Coalition and other business input

The MBA Research Coalition of Professional and Trade Associations is an initiative of the Marketing & Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center (dba MBA Research), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. MBA Research was established in 1971 and is operated by a consortium of state education departments. Its mission is to support educators in the preparation of students for careers in business.

For additional information re the Coalition, please email MBA Research at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800.448.0398.

Global CPCU Society Joins Coalition

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Feedback from ExecNet business leaders across the country is posted here.

Contribute to the future!

MBA Research is funded through a variety of sources, including membership fees from state education departments, sales to schools and various education and training programs, and through project grants for specific research initiatives.

Corporate and private contributions help the organization provide continuing support of local business and marketing curricula – including the support of research used by student organizations such as BPA, DECA, and FBLA.

Contributions to MBA Research are generally tax deductible. (MBA Research is a 501(c)(3) entity, organized as an educational foundation. IRS documentation is available to individuals and organizations considering a contribution.) Contributors should contact their tax advisors for all matters regarding specific deductions.

We would be very grateful for any contribution you find appropriate. Checks should be made payable to: MBA Research and sent to PO Box 12279, Columbus, OH 43212. For tax-deductable contributions by credit card, please call customer service at 800.448.0398, x0.

MBA Research welcomes all opportunities to open dialogue with individuals and organizations interested in supporting our mission to help students better prepare for a future in the world’s private enterprise business community. Please contact Jim Gleason, President/CEO, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet), sponsored by MBA Research, provides a forum for businesspeople to share their knowledge about what it takes for employees to succeed in the business world. This shared knowledge will be given to educators nationwide so that it can become the basis for what is taught in high school and college classrooms. In this way, ExecNet members can help teachers ensure that students develop the know-how for business success.

As part of our ongoing effort to listen to the business community, we convene small focus groups throughout the nation.  Invitations to participate are extended to members of the MBA Executive Advisory Network (ExecNet), our online advisors.  Interested?  It only takes a minute to register.