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  • PMIEF and MBA Research Release Free Project Materials +

    MBA Research is proud to announce the release of free project materials developed in conjunction with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). These project resources, which include a total of nine comprehensive project modules, Read More
  • High School of Business announces top-scoring students in nation +

    Congratulations! MBA Research proudly recognizes High School of Business™ students with the highest exam scores in the nation. Click here for the complete list. Here’s what people are saying about the program: My first college Read More
  • New to State's Connection +

    Newest additions to State's Connection: Gray Zone ethical dilemma focusing on demonstrating creativity Action Brief: Inaccurate Information MBA Research Bookmark: EcEdWeb   Read More
  • More College Credit for High School of Business Students +

    University of Northern Colorado’s Monfort College of Business offers college credit to MBA Research High School of Business™ Completers. Details. Read More
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Kentucky is just one of many states that utilize our A*S*K exams at the state level:

“The A*S*K* Exams provide proof of learning in Kentucky. A*S*K* Exams are aligned to many Kentucky Career Pathways [and] MBA Research works closely with business and industry partners to develop curriculum and assessment. 
Post-secondary partners are beginning to recognize the value of the exams. This has raised the bar in Kentucky. Students are much more prepared entering the workforce right away. Completion of a Career Pathway and A*S*K* proof of learning provides our students with the right kind of tools to move forward in either entry level positions in various industries or continue their education to post-secondary.” 
--Betty Montgomery, KY state leader

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Conclave Goes to Washington!

Mark your calendar: October 6 – 9, 2017. Vancouver, WA (Portland, OR). Click here for more about Conclave 17.

MBA Learning Center

Save time and effort with the MBA Learning Center, an online library of 275+ instructional modules available to you and your students—anytime, anywhere!

Need help deciding which modules to use with your students? Check out our list of Learning Center Modules by Course. In it, you’ll see which modules line up with each of MBA Research’s model courses for entrepreneurship, finance, management and administration, and marketing. Click here for a video on creating courses with LAPs. 

Recently added to the MBA Learning Center:

  • LAP-NF-001, Record It (Business Records), revised
  • LAP-IM-282, What's the Problem? (Marketing Research Problems), formerly LAP-IM-013
  • Just for You! FI:659, Describe marginal analysis techniques and applications
  • LAP-EC-107, Keep the Change (Adapting to Markets), formerly LAP-EC-025
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